ISTIB 2017

10th International Symposium on the Biology of Terrestrial Isopods

August, 27 - 30, 2017, Budapest, Hungary



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Registration starts at 12:00, 27th August, at the exhibition building of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (1083 Budapest, Ludovika tér(=square) 2-6 - google maps ), and will be possible also on the following days next to the Aula of the University of Veterinary Medicine, (1078 Budapest, István u. 2. - google maps , where the scientific sessions will be held/organized.
Participants will receive a hard copy of the program, including maps, and other useful information.


  • Sunday, 27th August
  • Opening Session followed by Welcome Party
    Locality: The lecture Hall of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (Semsey room)

    • Opening Remarks: Zoltán Korsós (Director of the Hungarian Natural History Museum)
    • Keynote lecture: Heikki Setälä (University of Helsinki in Lahti, Finland): Soil fauna and ecosystem services -  what’s the connection?

  • Monday, 28th August
  • Morning and afternoon session with coffee breaks and lunch-time (the univesity dining facility is next to the lecture hall)
    Possible venue: Oniscidea Exibition; Budapest Zoo by night.

  • Tuesday, 29th August
  • Depending on the number of attendees, lectures either half day session (with coffee break) or whole day sight-seeing. Budapest has exiting sites all over, enough for at least a week. There are sight seeing tours (also ’hop on hop off’) available.

  • Wednesday, 30th August
  • Morning and afternoon session with coffee breaks and lunch-time. Possible venues: grill party by Feri’s Sausages.

Invited speakers

  • Helmut Schmalfuss (Germany): The history of Isopodology
  • Matty Berg (The Netherlands): Traits of soil invertebrates
  • Katalin Szlavecz (USA): Isopods and Urbanization
  • Sándor Farkas (Hungary): Possible economic use of terrestrial isopods
  • Spyros Sfenthourakis (Cyprus): Oniscidea as model organisms in ecological biogeography
  • Jasna Štrus (Slovenia): Microscopy of woodlice: integrating structure and function
  • Andreas Ziegler (Germany): Biomineralisation in terrestrial isopods: epithelial calcium transport and the relation between structure, composition and function of mineral composites

Planned sessions

Follows later on, depending on submitted and accepted abstracts. Main key-titles expected: Taxonomy, Biogeography, Evolution, Ecology, Behaviour, Morphology, Physiology, Genetics, etc.

Post-symposium course: Thursday, 31st August - Saturday, 2nd September

"Oniscidea taxonomy and systematics" by S. Taiti, H. Schmalfuss, S. Sfenthourakis, G. Montesanto.