ISTIB 2017

10th International Symposium on the Biology of Terrestrial Isopods

August, 27 - 30, 2017, Budapest, Hungary


Post-symposium course on Oniscidea taxonomy and systematics

by S. Taiti, H. Schmalfuss, S. Sfenthourakis, G. Montesanto
  • Thursday, 31st August
  • Morning: theory - illustration of the Oniscidea, systematics of the group, taxonomic characters, methods of collecting, methods of study (dissections, illustrations, descriptions, etc.) Afternoon: Practice - examination of specimens under stereo microscope; dissection of body parts and examination of taxonomic characters using a compound microscope; identification of  specimens to family and genera using keys.
  • Friday, 1th September
  • Morning: drawings of the entire animal and of body parts using microscopes with camera lucida. 
    Afternoon: Inking of drawings by hand or by digital program.
  • Saturday, 2nd September
  • Morning: how to describe taxa. 
The number of participants is limited to 15. PhD students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to apply, and, in case of over-subscription, will be accepted first. The course will take place in one of the Uni’s (UVM) microscopic labs. Lunch available at the campus dining facility.