ISTIB 2017

10th International Symposium on the Biology of Terrestrial Isopods

August, 27 - 30, 2017, Budapest, Hungary


Welcome to the 10th ISTIB official website

The meeting will be hosted by the University of Veterinary Medicine(UVM) and by the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest. The main organisation activity is undertaken by the Hungarian Biological Society. See earlier circulars: 1st Circular, 2nd Circular.

The symposia series on the biology of terrestrial isopods aims to share our up-to-date scientific knowledge on Oniscidea. The first symposia in the series was held in London, UK, in 1983, which was followed by eight others: Urbino, Italy (1986); Poitiers, France (1990); Haifa, Israel (1997); Iraklion, Greece (2001); Aveiro, Portugal (2004); Tunis, Tunisia (2007); Bled, Slovenia (2011) and Poitiers, France (2014). This rich history provides evidence that the scientific community that has chosen “a somewhat extravagant group of organisms to work with” (as defined by H. Schmalfuss at the symposium in Bled) is very active and dynamic. We decided in Poitiers to hold the next meeting in Budapest, Hungary (2017).

Diverse topics of presentation and discussion are encouraged, exploring the latest findings on woodlice, slaters, pill bugs, sow-bugs, roly-poly-s, landpissebedden, Asseln, ászka, pincebogár мокрици, γουρουνίτσες, δροσομάμουνα,  etc. at all spatio-temporal scales.

One of our main goals is to build scientific connections across the globe, among topics, to give and get new ideas and knowledge on taxonomy, systematics, morphology, biogeography through physiology, ecology, evolution, molecular biology, etc. We hope to increase the number of attendants and the diversity of countries represented.

After the Symposium there will be a short course on the taxonomy and systematics of terrestrial isopods for limited audience, first of all for graduate, postgraduate students and young researchers (see the corresponding menu point on the left).